The Xoçai Plan - Making Money with Chocolate!

Seven Ways to Earn
Retail Bonus
The Quick Check
The Royal Maker Bonus
The Infinity Bonus
Expansion Centers
Executive Generation Bonus
The Leadership Bonus Pool

Have it all explained by watching this video, and read below for more details

Building Your Chocolate Business!

A year's membership gives you the ability to buy any Xoçai product at wholesale prices. You become an Associate with an initial order of two boxes.

And with at home delivery, it's better than Costco!

Retail Bonus

Simple! Purchase products at wholesale and then resell them at  retail prices.

Quick Check Bonus

Build a team!

Receive a Quick Check Bonus of $50 when you sponsor a new associate with an initial order of 2 boxes of chocolates.

Receive a Quick Check Bonus of $150 when you sponsor a new associate with an initial order of 6 or more boxes of chocolates.

It's that easy!

The Royal Maker Bonus

Be rewarded building your business!

When one of your associates sponsor two associates of their own, they advance in rank from Associate to Royal, and can earn the Infinity Bonus. Support them in reaching this status in their first four weeks, and earn a $40 Royal Maker Bonus

The Infinity Bonus

The Infinity Bonus gives you two legs to stand on (a Binary Compensation model).

You will be placed in either the right or the left leg of your sponsor’s team.
As you sponsor your own associates, you will place them below you in either the right or left leg of your organization.

two weeks you will be paid a  10% Infinity Bonus
on the volume of the lesser leg.

Your legs can grow to an
Unlimited size. It really is an Infinity Bonus!

Executive Generation Bonus

This bonus allows you to earn a
MATCHING compensation based on everyone in your team (like a family tree). Each associate you personally sponsor (your first generation), all the associates that they personally sponsor (your second generation), and so on.

The width of each generation line is also
UNLIMITED! As your advance, the number of generations on which you can be paid this bonus increases,

This bonus is only available to associates who have achieved the rank of Executive or higher and you can FAST TRACK IMMEDIATELY to Executive rank during your registration.

The Leadership Bonus Pool

4% of the company’s Biweekly Group Volume is set aside to be divided amongst the top six qualified ranks of Leadership (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond, Presidential, and Ambassador Executives)

Each Executive receives one share (1%) of their rank and an additional share for each rank below them.

Expansion Centers

As your Healthy Chocolate Business grows, you can create up to three Expansion Centers (additional legs in your tree) with each potentially earning $10,000 per week in Infinity Bonuses.