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Eat Chocolate - Be Healthy!

For Love of Chocolate

Xoçai is a dark chocolate product that is cold pressed, a unique method that results in its amazingly high antioxidant rating. It is then mixed with Açai berries and Blueberries, so it packs quite a punch: Each piece has more antioxidants than a ½ pound of raw spinach!

Xoçai is registered as a Natural Health Product in Canada: No artificial colours or flavours, no processed sugar, and are gluten free! They have no added caffeine (great for pregnant and nursing moms!), are Kosher certified, and appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

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Xocai is the perfect combination!

Eat Chocolate - Build a Business

A Chocolate Business

Xoçai dark chocolate products are distributed by people like you. Ask yourself:

- Am I looking to make some extra income?

- Are you interested in working on a flexible schedule, when you choose to put in the hours?
- Do I want to get paid to eat chocolate and be healthy??

Whatever your reasons, there are several immediate and lucrative ways to get compensated for your work.

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Xoçai is a product from the MXI company